I’m Changing My Philosophy

In the spirit of this update, let me begin this post with a TLDR: I’m going to keep my posts shorter and more to the point going forward.

If you’re interested in why, let me explain. I had traditionally aimed for about 1000 words or more and tried to pack as much information as I could into each post so that it could be a resource for writers. But I think while I work on my own novel (and subsequently getting some proof out to the world that I know what I’m talking about) I’m going to focus on a more “short and sweet approach”. Why? Because you don’t have to put as much trust in someone to read a brief article that gets straight to the point. When you see a wall of text, you’re forced to ask whether you trust the writer enough to commit to reading said wall.

And that’s that.  I hope you’ll continue to stick with me as I make some changes

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